How it Works

All you need to use PigCHAMP Online is a special Remote Desktop Connection (RDP) that can access the remote servers that host your PigCHAMP Online database.

PigCHAMP will supply each user of PigCHAMP Online with this RDP for their Windows computer. This appears as an icon on the desktop. When you click the icon, it takes you to the PigCHAMP application.

Each individual user will have their own user name and password, so farm and data access can be controlled just like it is in the PigCHAMP desktop/server application.

PigCHAMP Online allows you to e-mail reports and other files, as well as print to your local or networked printers just as you would from your desktop program.

Take a minute to review the short video on this page to see how easy it is to use PigCHAMP Online.